Web Portals

Digital Computer Ad #3ASPPA and its affiliates – NAPA and NTSA launched revolutionary web portals, and your business can be front and center!  Web Portal advertising is an efficient, cost-effective way of reaching the masses. When a potential customer visits a Web Portal, even if they don’t click directly on your ad they are exposed to your company logo. As more people view your logo, brand recognition will increase and thus more potential customers will recall your company when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

Web Portals:

ASPPA Net – (www.asppa-net.org)

NAPA Net – (www.napa-net.org)

NTSA Net – (www.ntsa-net.org)

We have many Web Portal advertising options to help you reach your target audience, while remaining within budget.  For more information, contact Gwenn Paness, Director of Key Accounts, at 703.516.9300 ext. 171 or gpaness@usaretirement.org.