Editorial Overview

Plan Consultant is a quarterly magazine edited to help retirement plan professionals improve their skills, enhance their knowledge, and conduct their business in a way that is productive, professional, ethical, efficient and creative. Written by industry leaders and experienced retirement planning professionals, Plan Consultant provides timeless and practical, how-to processes and case studies that retirement professionals use in their own practices. Articles are readable, practical, concise, accessible, and in some cases, inspirational.

In addition to the Cover Story and timely feature articles, each issue provides a wide range of technical and practice management intelligence…

Technical Articles

Actuarial – Actuaries and other experts in defined benefit world provide technical background  on the variety of DB plans in practice and advice on what makes them work.

Compliance – Plan consultants and other practitioners provide advice on what plan sponsors need to know to make sure their plans keep playing by the rules.

Administration – Experts in the field keep administrators and record keepers up-to-date on the intricacies and latest developments in keeping plans running smoothly.

Legal – Attorneys expert in ERISA, taxes, and other retirement plan issues show plan consultants how legislation and specific statutes affect their business.

Regulation – Close observers of Washington and the states keep plan consultants apprised of the actions and intentions of legislators and regulators.

Practice Management Articles

Education – Keep up with the latest developments in ASPPA credentials and continuing professional education as well as advice on what credentials make the best fit.

Ethics – Sometimes business ethics are just a matter of common sense, but there are times when advice is helpful, particularly in the form of specific examples.

Technology – Websites, webinars, RSS feeds, portals, blogs, smartphones, social media, are just a few of the things plan consultants need to be aware of in today’s business environment.

Business practices – Tips and techniques on how to keep your business running smoothly and how to take it to the next level.

Marketing – Building the better mousetrap is only half the battle; making sure the market knows about it is essential.

In addition, Plan Consultant keeps members up-to-date and in the know with updates and reviews of industry conferences and events, government affairs activities, and ASPPA member benefits.


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