About the Book

ASPPA_50YR_250x250This history book is a very special tribute celebrating and honoring the people that make up ASPPA and our mission to save the private pension system, while reflecting on how the organization has impacted the industry. The book will guide readers into ASPPA’s rich and important history by celebrating the organization’s vast milestones and achievements over the last 50 years. Written by Jack El-Hai, a professional history book author, the ASPPA history book will be told through the experiences of the members of ASPPA who are dedicated to helping Americans save and prepare for retirement.

The book will show how the organization has attained its successes and will explain why ASPPA volunteers work with such passion to improve the retirement readiness of Americans. Readers will come away with an understanding of ASPPA’s intriguing past, the evolution of the organization and how the future of the retirement-planning industry rests on the foundation of ASPPA’s contributions. The book will also address how ASPPA has responded to changes in the industry, what accounts for ASPPA’s continuing importance as an advocate for the industry, how ASPPA has become a premier educator of retirement plan professionals, and how ASPPA’s advocacy efforts have helped to preserve the private pension system and how it will offer guidance in the future.